Summer Fitness Survival Guide 2016

I originally planned to make this into make this into a free ebook where there was an opt in required but considering the amount of BS of fitness info and ads  you experience everyday combined with short attention spans I decided to be different. Going to keep it simple, realistic and easy to follow this way you can enjoy the summer without having to worry about calorie counting, macros and feeling bad about missing a workout.


Ahh summer. For me summer meant going to Coney Island to enjoy one (or two) Nathan’s hot dogs, fries. Seeing a Brooklyn Cyclones game. Getting Itialian ice and a slice of pizza at Original nathansPizza in Canarsie. Of course summer wouldn’t be complete without ice cream from Mr.Softy.

When I started getting into fitness I still enjoyed those things and never felt guilty! Now that I’m living in Philly I’m planning to do enjoy much of the same especially trying Water Ice for the first time.

Unfortunately I’ve seen from clients and students is how much people fall off their fitness plans during the summer. That’s due to BBQ’s, happy hours, vacation and not to mention who the hell wants to workout in a hot, smelly gym during the summer?!

What I’ve created for you is simple tips to survive the summer months. The most important thing I want to emphasize is for you to NOT FEEL GUILTY about food and missing a workout or two. I want you to enjoy life! There’s more to life than just working out and calories. If you decide to go on vacation and splurge with family and friends–go for it!! What matters is that you are living life to its fullest surrounded by people you love.

Never sacrifice time and creating memories with loved ones over healthy eating (I’m not saying do this everyday) and missing a workout. After all, what good is having a badass healthy body if you have nobody in your life to share it with?

Surviving BBQ’S :

  • Load up on salad before you have a burger but skip the fatty dressing.
  • Eat the damn burger and hot dog! (Just limit yourself to no more than 2 and space out the time between each to give your body time to digest)
  • Avoid soda including diet soda! Have water instead.
  • If you must snack choose whole wheat or whole grain chips
  • If you must drink, enjoy a glass of red wine and/or vodka soda.
  • Drink a 10 energy shot for caffeine. 1 shot is all you need to get you through the day
  • Don’t even think about calories. Just enjoy yourself!

Keeping up with your workouts:Summerrun

  • Take your workouts outside by joining an outdoor fitness program
  • Sign up for a recreation league such as softball, kickball, dodgeball etc.
  • If you are working out in a gym keep your workouts to 15-30 mins consisting of high intensity total body workouts. (This way you can enjoy the summer).
  • Give your body time to rest! If you are working out hard 3-5 times a week your body will be craving rest so it can recover and as a result you will see the results you want.
  • Missed a day? Fuggetabouit! As long as you were having fun than missing a workout isn’t going to set you back.
  • Sign up for a race in the fall! It could be a Spartan Sprint, 5K or 10K race. By signing up NOW, you are more likely to want to workout and be consistent.



Brooklyn Runs Broad Street.

There were a lot of things I wanted to do when I moved to Philly, run the rocky steps, have an authentic cheesesteak, hoagie, see a 76ers & Eagles game etc. However one of the things that was on top of my list was to do the Broad Street run. It just happened that the lottery was happening shortly after my move and my girlfriend and I got in!

Keep in mind the longest non spartan race I had done in recent memory was 10 miles and that was 3 years agoIMG_1783 from Battery Park up the West Side Highway.  Even though I had completed the Spartan Race trifecta last year I knew this would be a different kind of challenge—a challenge that I was looked forward to conquering.

I felt that since I was doing weekly runs with Philadelphia Runner in Center City as well as during my own runs up the SK river trail and up the Rocky Steps (sometimes multiple times). However I was still nervous and at the same time was looking forward to a new challenge.

As the old saying goes “Ask and you shall receive”! That is because it took place in the midst of cool and rainy day!

Thankfully I had some experience running in conditions similar to this thanks to the Spartan Beast last year which had snow and ice still on the mountain!  So getting dressed for it wasn’t a problem. I wore exactly the same thing I did last year which was The North Face Sneakers, Pants, Shirt and a new North Face rain jacket.

Even though we live on a short ride to the start line we still gave ourselves plenty of time to get there since anticipated a huge crowd on SEPTA. We had to let 3 trains go by before we squeezed on to a train (still not nearly as crowded as the 4 train during rush hour). As we got close to the train station we got close to Olney we decided it was time to get our pre workout on and had Hydra Pump by ARD Nutrition.

Race organizers told us to be at our corral by 7:40am but it seemed like more people were concerned about staying dry as long as possible than being at their corral especially when the 1st wave wouldn’t start till 8am. However we still made our way to the corral and waited as the rain kept coming. We both tried to keep mentally prepared by listening to our respective playlists (mine was WWE superstars entrance music including Ultimate Warrior, Dolph Ziggler & Triple H). In what felt like an eternity we were off and running at 8:20am.

Once we started running we were able to hit a a good stride and our pace got shorter as we got closer to the finish line. I can’t say how much it meant to us seeing the people out there in the rain cheering us on. We both felt like it gave us a 2nd wind that we needed.

We ended up finishing in 1:46! (even though our official time said longer since we stopped to use the rest room which added 6 mins to our time).

Once we crossed the finish line it felt like it took forever to get to the festival area to get our IMG_1773medals as well as to get a heat blanket (which we needed badly considering how cold it was and the rain picked up).  We finally got our medals and a soft pretzel (at that moment felt like the best thing ever!) For whatever reason there was nobody giving out heat blankets and we found a big roll hanging out by one of the trucks–which of course everyone was trying to get their hands on.  After tearing a blanket for us we proceeded to look for the shuttle buses that were suppose to take us to the train station. However nobody knew where to get them and the ones that we didn’t stop– very disorganized!

So we proceeded to say “Fuggetabouit” and just walk to the AT&T station now that we got our heat blanket. We were very pleased by SEPTA who suspended fares for runners both ways and had plenty of extra trains.

We both had the fear of what happened to Barney from “How I Met Your Mother” where he runs the marathon, sits down on the train and not able to get up. Yup, thats what we envisioned happening to ourselves. Thankfully it didn’t happen but we weren’t exactly able to get up quickly either.

When we got off at our station at Race-Vine it was extremely cold not to mention the stairs we still had to climb. The people in front us had the same reaction we did which was “O Hell No!”. I’m not going to lie, those stairs might has well been Mount Everest because thats how long it took for us to get up that one flight of stairs.

Overall it was an amazing time and the rain only made it more of a memorable experience.


Review Of 10 Energy Shot

I have to admit I’ve caffeine lover since I was 16 years old. Being that I have ADHD it actually helps gets me focused for the day ahead.

I use to have at least 2 cups of coffee a day, heck the people at Starbucks would even know when I was coming in. However that changed with the emergence of energy shots.

I quickly became a fan of them because they would last 5 hours instead of me going back for coffee. However the major drawback as a personal trainer was that my day would be way longer than 5 hours. Which result in me reaching for another energy shot. Not to mention the horrible crash I would have but I still resulted to having it.

That changed when I discovered 10 energy shot at Duane Reade and Walgreens (no I’m not a brand ambassador nor am I getting paid by or to write this blog)

Now I have to admit I was very skeptical about an energy shot that promised to last 10 hours. Glad I was proven wrong! From the 1st sip I had an immediate burst of energy and remained focused for 10 hours.

I could workout, play basketball, hockey and I will still have energy without any crash!

Pros: Last 10 hours, no crash, helps me focus with my ADHD. Cheap at Duane Reade and Walgreens.

Cons:  Only available online and at Duane Reade and Walgreens.

Summary: If you are a caffeine lover you have to try 10 energy shot. To maximize the effects take as soon as you wake up. I usually drink a glass of water to get hydrated followed by 10 energy. It kicks in within minutes, by the time you get out the shower you will be ready to start the day head on without any jitters! Get one today and see for yourself.

Learn more about 10 energy shot

NO B.S Review Of ARD Nutrition Supplements

*Full Disclosure: I am a sponsored athlete by ARD and yes I do make a commission off the promo codes. However as you will see I am completely honest in my reviews and will NEVER back something that I wouldn’t suggest to my clients and family*

A little background on ARD: ALL of the supplements contain banned free supplements that are WADA, NCAA Compliant. EVERY ingredient is listed and the functions are explained.

Pre Workout:

Hydra Pump: 

Pros: No Caffeine, no creatine, no crash, pumps that last for hours, focused energy, all natural, no banned substances. Can be used during your workout.

Cons: None, other than the taste. Just make sure to have it with cold water.

Summary: I’ve tried almost every pre workout on the market and Hydra Pump delivers on everything it promises. I’ve used it not only in my workouts but also during my games as well as my cardio days. Unlike other pre workout supplements which will cause you to cramp during cardio, Hydra Pump caused me no craps and with electrolytes it actually has helped me run longer. As far as the pumps goes they have lasted 3 hours!  Theres nothing like leaving the gym with a long pump and going into games with a pump that makes everyone look twice.

Multi Vitamin:


Pros: 3 easy to shallow pills. Defintely have a lot more energy throughout the day.

Cons: None

Summary: I’ve taken various multi vitamins throughout the years and this one delivers. I’ve also noticed an increase in Testosterone levels throughout my day and even longer after I take it shortly after my workout .

R.E.M-Recovery : Sleep Aide, growth and recovery

Pros: Sleep a lot better, reduction in soreness, wake up feeling refreshed.

Cons: None

Summary: In order for your muscles to grow you must sleep at least 7 hours and at the same time feed it with the right ingredients. REM does the job! You get good sleep while it does its job to feed the muscles so it can grow and experience bigger gains.

Get 20% Off By Entering Promo Code “Badass”

From Fuggedaboutit Brooklyn to Yo Philly!

Wow what a 2 weeks it’s been. I went from closing my boot camp in Brooklyn to my final core fit and boxing classes in the LES to moving to Philly.

First off I can’t say how thankful I am for all the love and support I’ve been getting from all my students. I’m truly going to miss all of you and yall are the reason I decided to relaunch my blog.


For those of you that don’t know I left Brooklyn after living there all my life to purse my B.A in Public Health at Temple University (Yep! I’m a Temple Owl now!). I’ve decided to relaunch this as a way to not only keep in touch with all my students but also get a chance to share my journey in my new city while posting a few no BS workouts and fitness advice.

Yo Philly!

First off I’m living on Broad Street (hence the hashtag “brooklynonbroadst”) near Center City.  I’ve only been here since Saturday and this city is winning me over. Actually it won me over the first night when I got free pizza that night–easy way to win a Brooklyn boy over. The 2nd is that I have access to 2 gyms including 1 with a basketball court. I haven’t played basketball since HS but the Brooklyn in me came out and I’ve been shooting around as part of our warmup.

This journey has been a lot of fun so far and I look forward to bringing you along with me.

Workout To Do Right Now! (not tomorrow literally right now)

40 Burpees

40 Pushups

40 Squats

40 Crunches

Repeat 3X Without Rest!

Yo! You didn’t think I was going to make you just sit around and not have you get moving did you? fuggedaboutit and just do it!! :)



Review: The North Face Mountain Athletics Gear At The Spartan Beast

Full disclosure: I am brand ambassador for The North Face-Mountain Athletics clothing division. Even though I do receive free clothing from them to test it out, they do not tell me what to write-(they want me to be honest even if I don’t like a particular product) As with anything I review/recommend I will never BS you!

Recently I received my 1st box of clothing from The Northface. I figured the best way to truly test it out would be for the Spartan Race Beast in Vernon NJ on April 18.

The gear I chose to wear for the race was

Why I chose to test these items first:

Both the shirt and shorts are advertised to the keep you cool and dry.

The Sneakers are advertised for being perfect for outdoor adventure races by providing smooth transitions from the trail to the road while protecting the foot for any unstable rough terrain.

The Spartan Beast was advertised as the most difficult Spartan Race yet! They advertised it as 12.5 miles on the course map but it ended up being 13.5 miles, over 33 obstacles and elevation gains of 4,800 feet! I nonetheless felt like this would be the perfect and ultimate test to see how well The North Face gear held up!


Testing it out on the course:

Even though at race time the weather was a beautiful 70 degrees and sunny, being that it was on a ski resort there was still snow and ice on the higher elevations of the course! As the temps increased the so did the amount slush and mud along the course which provided an extra challenge but also would make it the perfect test for the clothing.

Most of the running was through the woods–honestly I don’t even consider it running because there was a bottle neck of people on uneven trails where 1 wrong move could lead to you twisting your ankle or falling off the mountain. My badass student Annabel put it best by calling it more of an “extreme hike”.

The trails were very uneven, containing lots of lose gravel, debris, fallen trees, mud and not to mention plenty of streams.

Another non obstacle part of the course took place on what would’ve been the actual ski slopes. In terms of the Spartan Race it meant were constantly going up and down the mountain numerous times with some parts still being covered in snow and ice!

We also had to walk through waist high ice cold water numerous times–not fun if you walked slow. I personally ran through it like I was being chased after by a bear (there ended up being a bear on the course–no joke!”).

After a grueling 7+ hour race where I was pushed beyond my limits physically and mentally I crossed the finished line but not before the ceremonial fire jump and 1 more dip in the mud water before getting my much earned Spartan Beast medal

Final Reviews:

The North Face Mountain Athletic gear exceeded my expectations.

The Mens Ultra Kilowatt Crew kept me cool despite the mud and heat without weighing me down. With any other gear I’ve ran in past Spartan Races I’ve often had to take off my shirt because of that reason.

The Mens “Better Than Naked” Shorts lived up to its name–(although I don’t recommend running naked for a race like that unless you are ready to be in the hospital and by hospital I mean in the Psychiatric ward) I felt like I wasn’t wearing anything at all and did not weigh me down even walking through the ice cold lakes and mud water.

The Mens Ultra Cardiac Sneakers are a great alternative from the others on the market. The mud was quickly drained out and I did not get debris in my sneakers at all. The soles of the sneakers provided great grip especially for going down hill while providing the cushion I needed to absorb any shock. Just like any other sneaker just make sure to break in by running in them a few times before race day.

I highly recommend giving The North Face Mountain Athletics gear a chance for any outdoor workouts, mud runs, adventure and obstacle course races. You WON’T regret it!

If you have any questions leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them! :)

Steel Abs

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Steel abs wod flat

Oblique Crunch: Take hand and place gently behind neck. Contract your abs and slowly lift your upper body diagonally across your core, holding for 1 second. 20 reps each side

oblique crunch flat

Plank Rotations: Go on your elbows, keep your abs contracted and slowly rotate your torso left to right. 40 reps total.

plank rotation flat

Half Squat Thrusts: Start off with your hands on the floor, knees under your chest, abs contracted. Quickly thrust your legs back while maintaining a flat back and abs contracted. 40 reps

half squaat flat

Perform 3 sets with no rest. Refuel with a cold Core Power high protein shake!

Bryan’s Bio:

Bryan is a celebrity fitness expert and boxing instructor with over 10 years of experience. He’s the owner of Brooklyn Badass Fitness, Brooklyn’s longest running boot camp program.

Bryan challenges his students to unleash their inner badass with high intensity workouts that incorporate boxing, body weight and whatever equipment is around them. He believes in not only helping his students get badass bodies but also to be strong and healthy for life! Career Highlights: Current Spartan Race competitor, former NPC Physique competitor, trainer of Rachel T from The Bachelor.